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Standing Up for Wellness and Workplace Efficiency


The Levado™ Height Adjustable Desk

Encourage desk users to effortlessly add movement to their working day whether at home or in the office. Combine this major benefit with a host of intelligent features and you have an excellent investment for your organisation and the health of your employees.

See It In Action

We want people to be the best they can be. More productive. Happier. Healthier. That's why we created Levado, the most versatile height-adjustable desk. See how Levado can be your best investment in your workplace by reducing installation costs.


Improve your health

Using a height adjustable desk can help improve posture and help prevent back and neck problems. Regularly changing between sitting and standing can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Increase productivity

Workers using a height adjustable desk stay more alert and focus every day.
Research has shown that using a standing desk can increase workplace productivity by a staggering 46%.

Effortless Adjustment

The Feather-Lift™ handset touch sensitive design allows intuitive and effortless height adjustment. The programmable memory settings allow users to configure their preferred height to achieve perfect adjustment every time.

Quick and easy set up

The Levado™ is designed to take away the hassle of installation. With the patent-pending Swiftlok™ design, the Levado base simply folds out and locks into place, creating a sturdy workstation without the need for tools or a professional installer. Making it perfect for home or office use.

Freedom of Choice

Available in white and silver, the Levado™ accommodates a range of Fellowes worktops. Alternatively, easily combine the Levado™ base with your own desktop using the tool-free VersaTop™ clamps.

How It Works

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How it Works
How it Works

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Intelligent Features

Quick 90-Second Assembly

90 Second set up

Save time and money with SwiftLok™ system - fold out the pre-assembled legs that lock into place with no tools needed

Premium Control Panel

Effortless Adjustment

Touch sensitive Feather-Lift™ LED handset with four programmable memory settings

No Tool Attachment

No Tool Attachment

Versatop™ Clamps allow for tool free attachment of any worktop 1200mm to 1800mm wide

Fast Adjustment Speed

Fast and Silent Adjustment

Adjusts at 36mm per second with a lifting capacity of 100kg. Height adjustment range from 64cm - 126cm

Easy Cable Management

Integrated Cable Management

Move freely with the intuitive cable management system that’s included with the desk


Collision-Detection Technology stops movement when there's an obstruction

Learn More

Be the best at your desk with sit-stand working made easy. Find out more about the Levado™ here.

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