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Woman sitting at desk looking off-screen while next to a shredder Woman sitting at desk looking off-screen while next to a shredder

Organisation Made Easy


Built to last, ProStore™ storage boxes are made from impact resistant polypropylene that is fully recyclable. To give maximum strength they feature double reinforced corners and base.
image of a plastic storage box


BANKERS BOX® storage boxes are engineered for durability and strength. They are designed to withstand the weight of documents, ensuring that your important files are kept safe and secure.
image of a Storage Box


Bankers Box transfer files, are specialised storage solutions designed to provide quick and convenient access to stored documents, making them ideal for offices, businesses, or personal use. Designed to be compatible with our storage boxes or units, you are can easily create a filing system to suit your specific needs.
image of a Transfer Box File


Bankers Box storage units are designed to offer flexiblity and versatilty. They are engineered to accommodate various types of office files and documents and to adapt to your different storage needs.
image of a Storage Unit


Keep your magazines and literature organised and tidy with a selection of magazine files. Robust enough to cope with everyday use, Bankers Box magazine files are ideal for use on your desk or with a storage unit.
image of a Magazine File