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Woman sitting at desk looking off-screen while next to a shredder Woman sitting at desk looking off-screen while next to a shredder

World's toughest


From private letters to bank statements, our selection of home and personal shredders keep your personal information out of the hands of identity thieves. These compact shredders are designed for light to moderate use.
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Keep confidential data secure. Our selection of home office and deskside shredders are designed for moderate - regular use on a daily basis. Look out for features such as Auto Feed shredding, 100% Jam Proof Technology and SafeSense® as well as convenient pull-out bins and castors.
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Busy small offices need high performance, durable shredding solutions. Fellowes offer powerful shredders for up to 5 users that feature paper jam prevention, safety features and quiet shredder operation. The line-up also includes AutoMax™ auto feed shredding solutions.
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Designed for heavy-duty and continuous use, Fellowes offers a great choice of shredders that are capable of dealing with high-volume requirements. Our office shredders have larger capacity bins, wider paper entries, and are ready to deal with the demands of multiple users and continuous use.
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Make document shredding more productive and convenient with Fellowes automatic paper shredders. With an Auto Feed shredder, you don't need to stand at the shredder and feed the paper into the shredder yourself. Smart, stylish, and suitable for small to medium sized offices and businesses.
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Fellowes high security shredders are designed for specialist environments handling the most confidential documents. They shred each sheet of A4 paper into thousands of tiny fragments, making them virtually impossible to re-assemble and read.
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Next Generation Technology, Exceptional Design
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Regular maintenance will ensure your shredder gives you years of reliable service. Our lubricating oil and waste bags help keep your machine in effective working order all day, every day.
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