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Which Paper Shredder Is Right For You

You can't cut corners when it comes to secure document disposal.
That's why you need a tough, reliable shredder to get the job done.

Deciding which paper shredder you need depends on several factors, from where the shredder will be used to how much it will be used. One of the biggest mistakes shredder buyers make is purchasing a shredder that does not meet their needs, often buying a shredder that is not robust enough. For example, they may purchase a personal shredder when they actually need an office shredder for bigger jobs.

They may even need a heavy-duty shredder if working in a large office. For greater security needs, a micro cut shredder is the best choice, while a credit card shredder may be required if there is a need to destroy more than paper. Also, while buying a home paper shredder, buyers may need to consider safety features to safely shred around children and pets. Seems like a lot to think about? Just answer the following questions to make your paper shredder choices easy.

Where will the shredder be used?

Understanding the environment and usage requirements helps to decide which is the best shredder for your needs.

Office & Departmental:

Heavy-duty commercial grade shredders are designed for large office environments with multiple users (5+) and large shredding volumes. Featuring continuous run times for a non-stop shredding experience and larger capacity bins that hold more sheets and ensure less frequent bin emptying for ultimate productivity.

Frequent - Heavy Usage

Small Office:

Small office shredders are ideal for environments up to 5 users who handle confidential information, with extended run times and are engineered for medium/heavy usage.

Regular - Medium Usage

Home Office & Deskside:

Personal shredders are ideal for individual users handling confidential information in the office or home, feature paper sheet capacities of up to 12 sheets and are engineered for light to medium usage.

Occasional - Light Usage

What level of security do I need?

Your concerns about identity theft and data security will determine the security level you will need for your paper shredder.

DIN Levels P-1 & P-2
For low-risk non-confidential data. Not recommended for business environments or personal information.

DIN Levels P-3 & P-4
Ideal for medium-risk sensitive personal or confidential data, such as delivery notes with addresses and client information.

DIN Level P-4
For higher-risk sensitive personal or confidential data like account numbers and invoices.

DIN Level P-5
For highly confidential data like balance sheets, strategy documents and patents.

DIN Level P-6 & P-7
Ultimate security for top secret and classified documents.


Strip Cut


DIN P-1 & P-2
36 strips
per A4 sheet

For low-risk non-confidential data. Not recommended for business environments or personal information.




DIN P-3 & P-4
≥ 300 particles
per A4 sheet

For medium-risk sensitive personal or confidential data like delivery notes with address and client information.




≥ 1000 particles
per A4 sheet

3x more secure
For higher-risk sensitive personal or confidential data like account numbers and invoices.




≥ 2000 particles
per A4 sheet

6x more secure
For highly confidential data like balance sheets, strategy documents and patents etc..

High Security

High Security


DIN P-6 & P-7
≥ 6000 strips
per A4 sheet

Ultimate security for top secret and classified documents.

Don't Compromise on Data Security

In your search for the perfect shredder, one thing is clear – don't settle for anything less than you need when it comes to protecting your confidential information.

How do I choose between manual and automatic shredders?

How you use your shredder will determine the feed type you will want.
We explore the different options below.

Manual: The ideal solution for anyone who like to shred their confidential documents instantly without unnecessarily leaving paper behind.

Automatic: Perfect if you prefer to do all your shredding in one go. Simply load the tray, press play and walk away!

Hybrid: Combine the best of automatic and manual shredding at your desk. Shred instantly and get on with your work while shredding is in progress


Do I Need A Paper Shredder With Special Features?

Along with numerous options in shredder performance and security levels, there are also many features available that make shredding more effective for the home or workplace. When you think about where your shredder will be located and who will be using it, you might identify some additional needs..

a. Paper Jams: A paper shredder with anti-jam technology can help prevent the biggest frustration among shredder users. Look for a 100% Jam Proof system to eliminate paper jams and power through tough jobs, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted shredding process.

100% Jam Proof | Auto Reverse

b. Safe Paper Shredder: A paper shredder used in the home can be a hazard for children and pets. Choose a paper shredder with safety features such as SafeSense™ or Safety Lock to prevent accidents and create a secure shredding environment.

SafeSense | Safety Lock

c. Quiet Paper Shredder: If noisy shredders have been a nuisance in the past, or if you work in a shared space, a paper shredder with quieter performance might be what you need.


d. Energy Saving Paper Shredder: Because 80% of paper shredder energy consumption comes from in use activity, you may want to look for a shredder that maximisesshredder energy savings 100% of the time - both in and out of use.

Energy Savings System

e. Convenience: Look for shredders with features which make your day run smoother, such as our Intellibar™ Efficiency Meter which Indicates when more sheets can be shredded to maximise performance.


f. Shred More Than Paper: There are shredders that can shred staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs in addition to paper, making them one of the most popular choices among consumers.

Shred more than paper

Find Your Perfect Shredder

With this knowledge, hopefully you're in a position to decide which is the right shredder for your needs.

Discover the full range of Fellowes paper shredders below and find your perfect shredder today