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Choosing the right laminating pouch

Laminating is a great way to ensure that your documents and display materials make a great first impression every time! Laminators are extremely versatile, but in order to get the most from your laminating machine you first need to understand laminating pouches.

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Laminating pouches differ in three ways:

• Size
• Thickness
• Finish

The pouch you use can really change the finished result, so it’s important that you select the laminating pouch that is best suited to your specific application. It’s also good to know that the quality of the pouch you use will influence the quality of the finished result and could have an impact on the future performance of your laminating machine. For perfect results and outstanding reliability always use Fellowes® pouches with Fellowes® laminating machines!


Fellowes® laminating pouches are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats; from as small as 54x86mm up to A2! The most popular sizes are A4 and A3 laminating pouches.


Laminating pouch thickness is measured in Microns (1 micron = 1000th of a millimetre). It’s simple really; the thicker the laminating pouch, the more rigid the final result.

Pouch thickness is commonly referred to in the following:

• 80 microns

• 160 microns

• 160 microns (2 x 80)

• 2 x 80 microns

All of the above are the same pouch, which can be confusing. The actual micron thickness is just one side of the pouch (when you open the pouch up). This means that it can be described as thickness per side (80 microns), total thickness (160 microns) or as a 2x size (2 x 80 microns). All Fellowes laminating pouches are described and named as thickness per side, so this would be 80 microns.

As well as rigidity, pouch thickness is often associated with the level of protection it would provide. The Fellowes® range of laminating pouches are available in 80, 100, 125, 175 and 250 Microns for all levels of document protection and are available in variety of standard and application specific sizes.

The innovative Fellowes® naming strategy for laminating consumables makes it easy to find the pouch that best suits your needs. Whether you want to enhance the colours of your documents using basic everyday protection 80 micron pouches or capture the moment of photographs using advanced protection 125 micron pouches, Fellowes offers the solution.

The table below links some application ideas with a recommended pouch thickness:

Choosing a laminating pouch

Make sure that your laminating machine is capable of laminating the pouches you select – for guidance on choosing the right laminating machine for you click here.


The most common laminating pouch finish is gloss, an extremely versatile finish that is suitable for most lamination applications. Pouches are also available in a matt finish which is more ideal for applications such as menus, as the professional looking matt finish is less reflective and therefore easier to read.

Fellowes® also provides a number of specialist pouches such as pre-punched pouches for easy filing and adhesive-back pouches for quick signage creation.

Get Inspired

When it comes to laminating the possibilities are endless! Be sure to visit our laminating Ideas Centre to get inspired!


For 100% Jam Free results always use Fellowes® pouches with Fellowes® laminating machines! Make your document last with Fellowes® premium quality laminating pouches.